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The Exhibition Zebra
Finch Society of

About us

Dedicated to the exhibition, keeping and breeding of Zebra Finches.


Membership information
There are no fees for membership in 2022.
3 Classes of members

(1) The membership of the association consists of ordinary members, and any of the following classes of members—
a. Ordinary Membership
i. Must be 18 years of age or older.
ii. Must be a financial member.
b. Junior Membership
i. Aged up to an including 17 years of age.
ii. Membership to be sponsored by an adult [18 years or older].
iii. Junior members have NO voting rights.
iv. Junior members are unable to hold a Management Committee position.
c. Life Membership
i. Must be nominated by a financial member and approved by the majority at a General Meeting [including Annual General Meeting].

(2) The number of ordinary members is unlimited.

Committee Members

Owen Glover
Phone: 0455 285 690
Mail: owenglover5@bigpond.com
Matt Wood
Vice President and Secretary
Phone: 0419 448 837
Mail: mwood@gcd.mn
Colin Mackereth
Membership Liaison and Media Relations
Phone: 0431 369 220
Mail: col@8keys.com.au
Cheryl Mares
Treasurer Ring Steward Editor
Phone: 07 3202 6779
Mail: gary.fitt@bigpond.com
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